Avoid Expensive Curb Damage With AlloyGator

AlloyGator is the only certified, engineered and professionally installed product that actually protects your wheels from expensive curb damage. AlloyGator is the only wheel protection product on the market that is 'industry certified'.

Engineered With Teeth!

Maximum protection with strong grip that holds firm when your wheel makes contact with a concrete curb.

AlloyGator is made of an extremely durable, engineered nylon composite, designed to protect your alloy wheels from low speed curb impacts. Damage prevention cannot be guaranteed under all circumstances, but we provide a two-year warranty against colour fading or deformation not caused by an impact. If you experience an impact or notice any fitment issues, bring it back to us for an inspection.

AlloyGator is a universal accessory, designed for use on wheels from any manufacturer. While the number of possible wheel/tire combinations around the world is almost infinite, AlloyGator is compatible with 80% of global varieties.

Other Key Facts About AlloyGator

  • It is the only TÜV approved and HORIBA-MIRA certified wheel protection system in the world.
  • It is designed for installation by a trained AlloyGator certified installer – self-installation is not recommended as special training and tools are required.
  • It is not recommended for use on racetracks due to the exceptional driving demands.
Lakeside Auto is a licenced installer of this exceptional product. For more information visit the AlloyGator website.
Alloy Gator Wheel Protection Website


Porsche rim damaged Porsche rim scuff detail Porsche with AlloyGator